Hello and welcome to Jacob’s Chance 2017-18 Basketball Season!

My name is Kate Mardigian (formally Tilley) and I am the founder and Executive Director of Jacob’s Chance.  I started this exciting and growing non-profit 10 years ago with the support of Glen Allen Youth Athletics, along with the many families and friends of this great community.  I am so happy you have decided to join the fun by volunteering your time to make a difference.   Your support and friendship mean everything to our athletes and their families.  With that being said I have attached a pdf with information that will help you and your athlete to get the most from your time together.  I will go over this again on Saturday before we begin.  In the below paragraph I explain briefly what to expect your first day and I also have a few housekeeping items that you will need to know…..


When you arrive this Saturday or when you are scheduled for the first time please check in with me.  I will be standing at the clock table. Please be prepared to stand around for a few minutes until all volunteers have arrived.   I will introduce you to our athletic director Eric McMillen and we will go over a few things of what to expect.  Eric and the other coaches will pair you with an athlete.  Some athletes will need 2 buddies.  We will also need help with other things that make the day go smoothly.  Once you are paired you will be with that athlete the whole season.

** It is so important that you let us know if you will not be able to attend.  The athletes count on you and look forward to basketball day.  Communicating with the parents beforehand gives them a chance to prepare their child that you will not be there.  We know things come up and it may not always work out we understand!  So please do not stress!  We appreciate you and your time!  Sunday, December 3rd I will invite the volunteers to fill in a sign up-genius the dates you will be available.


  1. Please wear your buddy ball shirt if you have one.  If you do not have one we will provide one for you.  It is important to wear the t-shirt for the athletes and parents to identify you as a volunteer.
  2. Please be on time.  We ask that you show at least 10 min before the families.  That way when they come in you can start hanging out and shooting hoops right away.  We call that bonding time.  They CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!
  3. Be prepared to laugh, smile and have fun each time you volunteer.

ASK QUESTIONS if you want to know more.  It is all about awareness and the parents love it when you ask questions.

4. Please do not stand around and talk with each other or shoot hoops when we have athletes walking around.  We hope that once they arrive they are not alone.  Your job starts when they walk in.


We are so excited to see you on Saturday!  Great Things are Happening and you are a Big part of why!!!  You have done a Great job already, simply by wanting to help!

Please e-mail with any questions you may have.  Thanks!

Ps..this is easier than you think.  Once the game begins you will see!

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